Danielle Beinstein – Astrologer

“If you’re rolling your eyes, you’re not alone. I get it. Many people are skeptical. I used to be one of them. But in my 20+ years of experience studying this stuff, I’ve never found it to be wrong. Wild, I know.

It’s archetypal. We’re constantly playing out different aspects of the human psyche and our natal charts reflect this, revealing our instincts. This knowledge offers us the gift of choice. We can begin to harness our energy with direction and purpose.┬áBecause the more we understand the impetus behind our actions and reactions, the more agency we have over our own lives. The more integrated we become.

Astrology also offers us a window into our personal life cycles. We all experience peaks and valleys. We all have ups and downs. The more aware we are of their timing, the more in tune we become with our own path. We stop comparing, realizing that every individual’s journey is unique. And we start taking responsibility, finding lessons and opportunities in all that we do. This grants us strength, wisdom and the perspective to navigate our lives with authenticity, grit and grace.”

-Danielle Beinstein

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