What clients are saying about working with Lauren

Beth from Leeds

12 weeks of transformational life coaching with content I never even knew existed let alone that I needed. I went in expecting small changes and came out a completely different person. I learnt how to be happy and for that, I’m forever grateful.  No other course out there could possibly achieve the transformation you see in yourself as a result of RYLA. The healing, the growth, the lessons, the immense transformation that everyone around me sees in me. It’s life-changing. Thank you Lauren!

Beth, 34

Anouska from London

I knew when I met Lauren at her ‘Women’s circle’ that RYLA was for me! – There I witnessed a group of women at the circle who were currently on the course and saw their bond, growth and connectedness to self – that was inspiring. Now I’ve done the course myself, I see it’s priceless!It’s worth every penny!

Anouska, 45

Jo from London

Working with Lauren and such a special group of girls has been inspiring and uplifting. If you want to feel empowered and to truly understand yourself and open up to healing this course would be wonderful for you.


Jo, 40

Jennie from Oxford

When I came across Lauren’s RYLA course, I didn’t think thatI would be able to work this commitment around my busy schedule, with small children and work hours. But somehow I found myself signing up, and I am so glad that I did because it has impacted my life on many levels.

Lauren has very carefully structured each module in a way which takes you through a process where you work on your emotional, mental and physical well-being. In between sessions we were able to communicate with each other via our WhatsApp group, which allowed us to support each other while we were processing what we’d learned during the session, and share our insights during the week.

If you are considering this course but not yet sure, I would say 100% just do it! Do not hesitate! This experience will make 2022 a transformative year for you!

Jennie, 46

Laura from Kent

I first met Lauren when I was incredibly poorly and on a mixture of steroids and an anti-cancer drug.  I had become someone I didn’t recognise and will always be grateful for the advice and guidance Lauren gave me. 

I was able, with her guidance and support, to come off of all the conventional medication and support my body with a holistic approach.  I know 100% had I not met her it would be a very different story for me now.


Laura, 31

Kim from Hatfield

I chose to do the Recondition Your Life Academy because I was feeling stuck in my life. Nothing was “wrong” but I wasn’t living my best life. Having a group of amazing women all supporting each other and going through amazing transformations is incredible. It’s changed my life for the better. I am a much stronger, happier and more confident person since doing the course! I saw a benefit in every area of my life.

Kim, 37

Claire from London

Lauren has really been an angel on my shoulder these past few years. She began by advising me on organic vs non-organic to help me make an informed choice on the food we were consuming and how to further better our health and boost our immune systems. Lauren also opened my eyes even further to the healing power of nature in all aspects surrounding child health.

When my mother’s cancer reared its head again, her prognosis was not good. It was the world Lauren introduced me to and the knowledge she had, both physical health-related but also in the life coaching sense, that ensured I felt there was a way forward that didn’t involve harsh treatments we didn’t feel comfortable with. I was then able to encourage my mother with confidence, and am now pleased to say she is almost fully recovered. For this, thank you will never be enough.

Lauren’s coaching and support was truly invaluable. Now at a crossroads with my own career, again Lauren has been there to gently encourage me and help steer me in the right direction to empower me to make the right choices and decisions for myself.

I strongly believe that we need to have a holistic approach in all aspects of our lives in order to gain the most out of life. We are what we eat and we reap what we sow. Lauren is able to help identify and make adjustments to enable us to make more conscious decisions in how we live our lives.


Claire, 39

Bianca from London

I’ve spent thousands of pounds on self-growth courses; I’ve done all of them. But nothing is like this one. Lauren’s knowledge, information, the effort she puts in, and her connection to us, is incredible.

I’m also so grateful to have gone through this journey with a group of fabulous, brave, strong, incredible and admirable women. It changed everything for me and I couldn’t recommend this course more highly.


Bianca, 34

Shilpa from London

Making the decision to enrol on Lauren’s Recondition Your Life Academy was the best choice I made. Before enrolling, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to take my life to the next level but the only way to do that was to work on myself and heal the traumas holding me back from being my authentic self.

The first few modules were so powerful for me including working on my inner child, my shadow and a very emotional session on ancestral healing. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t end after 12 weeks. I’m still continuing the work in areas where I feel I need more healing and Lauren is there to support you on this journey!

Want to take your life to the next level? Get yourself on the Recondition Your Life Academy! You won’t regret it!

Shilpa, 40

Roslynn from London

The life changing tools I’ve been given by this course (Recondition Your Life Academy) have been absolutely phenomenal. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing for me to do right now as I’m still going through quite a bit of trauma and upheaval but wow, it has certainly been the right thing for me to do. I’ve actually cancelled therapy. After 9 months of therapy, Lauren literally did it in 1 session. I can’t recommend this course and Lauren’s coaching enough, especially if you’re going through a difficult time. This course is so powerful in helping you find your truth, your authentic self and shaping your life from there.

Roslynn, 39

Laura from London

Lauren supported me through my pregnancy with a range of advice from nutrition to breastfeeding to mindset. I always felt reassured after speaking to Lauren and being a first-time mum, it was great to have someone like Lauren to talk to. I’m inspired by her personal healing journey and have a lot of faith in her advice.

Lauren is always available when you need her and she has several contacts that can help in more specialist areas if necessary. I struggled with breastfeeding for 6 months and Lauren was always on hand with advice and also answered my millions of questions when in the midst of a dilemma.

Her positive attitude and calming aura are very refreshing and always leaves you feeling recharged, reassured and ready to tackle whatever was bothering you at the start of the conversation. She is very understanding and patient. I’m truly grateful for her support and blessed to have her in my life.


Laura, 37

Maisie from France

Doing the course made me realise that there is actually so much that I didn’t know about myself and so it has been really invaluable to me going forward.

Maisie, 27

Faye from London

I personally cannot thank Lauren enough for all she has done, not just for me but for my entire family. Lauren is one of the most magnetic human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. She helped heal my daughter from a severe vaccine injury and her education on holistic living has changed the way my entire family live and we are all healthier for it.

Not only that, but for me personally Lauren has inspired and guided me on a journey of self-discovery through her amazing passion and insights into self-growth and stepping into your purpose.

She is my real life fairy godmother who elevates anyone who is around her, and who emulates positivity. I hold her in the highest regards and am so grateful that I found her.


Faye, 45

Clare from Hatfield

I didn’t feel like I needed to be on the course, I didn’t feel I had any traumas or triggers.But this is the work that you don’t realise you need until you do it!  Things came up for me that were affecting so many aspects of my life, and I didn’t even realise I was holding onto it until I did this work.

Clare, 38

Sev from Hertfordshire

It’s by far the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. Just concentrating on me, on my soul and on what I needed. Each week I would think ‘what would I learn today?’ – and I was mind blown every time.

The Ancestral healing was truly eye-opening. I didn’t realise the weight I was carrying on my shoulders. I now write everything down, I journal it.Journaling will be your life as it is mine now and I still Journal every day.

Sev, 38

Nichola from Cornwall

Lauren is a first-class coach, she is intuitive, highly knowledgeable and a skilled facilitator.

The 12-week course covers so much, deep learnings and insights are gained and the group learning is a fantastic forum to learn and grow in a safe and supportive space.  I have recommended 3 people to Lauren already as she makes an impact quickly one has already signed up to RYLA in 2022 and the other two are having one-to-one coaching.

I would highly recommend Lauren’s course to anyone looking to grow in any area of their life, it is an important investment and gift to yourself and I personally feel the growth and learnings are priceless.


Nichola, 46

Jules from London

It healed things I didn’t realize were broken and it has just been an amazing transformational experience, honestly, totally life-changing.

Jules, 38

Katie from London

Lauren has taught me so much about nutrition and the connection between my gut and mental wellbeing. She has also given me the tools to be more intuitive with my mind and body and was the person who encouraged me to start meditation, which I honestly cannot live without.

I have been able to implement all that I have learnt from Lauren over the past few years with my daughter and husband too. Our health and wellbeing as a family is thanks to her for giving me the tools and the confidence to tune into my mind, body, lifestyle and food choices.

never felt short-changed working alongside Lauren, like I did with other professionals in the functional nutrition and wellbeing field. In fact, when I first started working with Lauren, she even went so far as to chase up my previous functional nutritionist for my latest consultation notes, which he had not followed up in sending to me. I feel supported by Lauren at all times and less like a ‘client’.

Another quality I admire about Lauren is her constant passion to learn. Lauren is always updating me on current research, she is not ‘stuck in her ways’ or textbook-orientated like other consultants I have come across. I don’t know how she stays on top of her game! I honestly couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Katie, 37

Katie from London

When I was thinking of joining the academy there were a lot of voices telling me this wasn’t going to be right for me. But my gut was telling me to that I needed to do it! I can honestly say it has been such an amazing experience. I’ve learnt tools I will use for the rest of my life!  What was really important for me, as well as doing work on myself, was to be able to learn tools that I could share with my daughter. And become a better mum. I think that is just amazing!

Katie, 34

Niccy from London

Lauren creates an open safe space for people to share their experiences in. The course is both informative and transformative.If you have a natural interest in psychology, spirituality, wellness and generally how to live a happier existence this course gives you the tools to do that leap.

Niccy, 37

Abby from Hertfordshire

Lauren’s coaching framework has transformed my life in ways I wasn’t even able to conceive of before working with her. It took me from being in a state of “not unhappy” to realising my full potential. I now understand why I was following the same unhealthy patterns, have been able to break those patterns and move into a state of self-acceptance and true happiness, and am now genuinely living the sort of life I thought only happened for other people.

Abby, 34

Alex from Kent

I was really hesitant at first, but I’m truly converted – this is by far one of the best things I’ve done for both my physical and mental health. After years of living, with chronic pain, I’m finally learning how to take back control, and stop living in a victim mentality.  It’s not easy to change your mindset on something so concrete, which has become part of your identity almost, but if you’re struggling with your health and wish to adopt a new, healthier outlook, I can’t recommend Lauren’s coaching enough!

Alexandria, 28

Mariana from Hertfordshire

Lauren was a customer in my clothes alterations shop. For some reason, I opened up to her, and she guided me through menopause totally naturally and changed the way I approached it. It absolutely changed my life.


Mariana, 57

Karina from London

Lauren has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has come from personal life experience and extensive research. She 100% walks her talk and is truly devoted to inspiring others towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

Having achieved so many of her own life ambitions through her sheer tenacity, she is easily able to help others to increase their own wellbeing and achieve their goals. I have so much respect for the way Lauren has overcome her own health challenges and made it a purpose to help other people.

She is an incredibly inspirational woman who is filled with an extraordinary amount of practical knowledge about well-being.  I highly recommend Lauren, she inspires me greatly!


Karina, 43

Katherine from Wales

Never before have I had such a clear view as to what my life purpose is. This course shapes and defines the choices that I’m making and now I’m living and embodying that purpose in a way that I was just not doing before.  I had quite a large limiting belief that if I step fully into my power, I would be rejected, that I would be intimating if I was powerful. But this course has taught me that this is not the truth. And I feel more powerful now than I have done in many, many years.

Katherine, 42

Anna-Marie from Hertfordshire

Lauren has been a huge source of information and support to our family’s natural health journey for the last 5 years. Always very giving of her time and expertise on natural health and wellbeing, she has helped me numerous times by guiding me through the right health protocols for me and my family, formulated for us individually.

More recently I suddenly developed huge allergies and developed bad eczema on my face. Lauren gave me a whole protocol to follow which encompassed dietary recommendations, detoxes, homeopathy and further practitioners to see, as well as the inner guidance to implement a complete holistic approach.

I am now a year on from that time and largely healed. I can always trust that her recommendations are thoroughly researched and come with a huge amount of knowledge as well as great compassion. I would thoroughly recommend Lauren.


Anna-Marie, 43