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After spending 2 decades immersed in non-stop research and study – leading to my own remission from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis – I discovered many life-changing products. As I get asked daily for recommendations for everything from supplements to books to products, I decided to collate all my favourite recommendations and put them in one place, and easily categorised, to make this easier for you. Should you need any more support choosing products, please email

Affiliate disclaimer: Please note, though I may earn a small commission from some brands recommended here, I never allow this to influence my selections. I only ever recommend products I have used and benefitted from myself. Helping people get well is my life's purpose, and integrity one of my core values, so nothing other than wellness will influence my decisions. I have turned down the opportunity of commission from many brands whose products did not cut it for me, so rest assured that I wouldn’t recommend anything here that I wouldn’t use myself.