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  • by laurenvaknine 2 weeks ago
    ✨Are you telling yourself this story? Take a look at your role models (or as  @2pac  says, your Real models
  • by laurenvaknine 1 week ago
    ✨Who loves a giveaway? ✨ To celebrate our episode with  @sara .cosendai all about nurturing motherhood, we’ve teamed up with  @myhummyuk 
  • by laurenvaknine 1 week ago
    I know this post may be seen as controversial, but the very intention of it is to ask: why have
  • by laurenvaknine 1 week ago
     @podbean  wellness week runs from 30th Nov - 5th Dec and I’m SO excited to have been asked to be
  • by laurenvaknine 6 days ago
    Morning! ✨ I’m not American but there’s always room for thanksgiving and gratitude. This week I’m grateful for the opportunity
  • by laurenvaknine 5 days ago
    This was me, 8 years old, post-surgery, Arthritic and tired, with my sis  @lala .twinmamarealness ✨ At this age my mum
  • by laurenvaknine 4 days ago
    We may all experience unhappiness differently, but the root is always the same. ✨ I AM ENOUGH ✨ . .
  • by laurenvaknine 7 hours ago
    The holidays are going to be on steroids at our house this year, for reasons that require no explanation! We

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