Journaling Course

How and why will this journaling course help you?

Having spent an entire decade dedicated to healing myself of the arthritis I’d had since I was 2 that left me head-to-toe disabled, I realised one core truth…


Trying to focus simply on healing my physical body wasn’t enough. Such a huge part of my physical healing was made possible once I removed stagnant emotions that had embedded themselves in my energy body. I learnt that these emotions held an energetic frequency, and the way to remove them began with journaling, as I started expelling from my body the thoughts and emotions that were contributing to dis-ease.

The work of Dr John Sarno showed me how integral this practice really was, and the deeper I delved and the more I cultivated my journaling practice, the easier things became.

Over the years I’ve developed a structure and formula for how to create and cultivate an intentional journaling practice that helps you to heal – body, mind & spirit – and I’ve put that all in one place within this course.

This course can help and has helped countless people managing:

(Disclaimer: please note, I am not a doctor and do not claim that this course will cure any of the above)

Why am I qualified to take you through this journey?

I am an internationally recognised leading master holistic health and life coach, wellness educator, health writer, speaker and host of the popular Reconditioned Podcast, as well as TEDx speaker. As a leading voice in wellness in the UK, I use the experience and knowledge I gained during my 3-decade long journey from severe disability to complete wellness, to help women heal and transform their lives. 

I do this by using a range of holistic healing arts in a unique, whole-person approach that combines health optimisation, emotional alchemy, mental healing & spiritual development, through my popular Recondition Your Life Academy

This approach enables me to take people from a life of struggle and mediocrity, to complete life optimisation.

Aside from my extensive first-hand experience of healing, I am also trained in NLP, CBT, EFT, nutrition, life coaching & Divine Feminine healing. My journey has taught me that it makes no difference which aspect of your life you’re hoping to uplevel, it all requires the same, whole-person approach.

“Wellness is not merely the absence of illness; it is the state of complete physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.” - Lauren Vaknine

What's Included

How to Create A Committed, Intentional, Reflective & Impactful Journaling Practice and How to Make it Work for YOU

What others are saying about this course...

"I signed up for Lauren’s fab journaling course at the same time as joining her Recondition Your Life Academy, and introduced journaling into my practice before beginning the deeper work. And I’m so glad I did. It has been such a powerful, early step to inner growth…and Lauren also runs a FREE Monday morning journaling session! What a gift of love. One for us to embrace and enjoy as we journey on self-growth and healing. At the ripe old age of 40, I now write for myself…and not to hide my diary as if it will one day be published." - Jessica, 40, UK
"I always thought journaling wasn’t for me because I have ADHD, but Lauren gives you such a concise and manageable way to make journaling work for you. I even got past day 100 of journaling which is unheard of for me so I couldn’t recommend this course enough!" - Rachel
"This course is epic! It’s not too long also so it’s really manageable and just genuinely makes journaling make sense and gives you tools to create a meaningful journaling practice. So happy I bought this course." - Antonia