Hey there!! I’m Lauren, a master holistic health and life coach, leading wellness educator, health writer, internationally-recognised TEDx speaker, podcast host & intuitive alchemist

“Lauren has been in service to helping people lead healthier, happier lives for as long as I’ve known her” – Jay Shetty

I help women reach their health and life optimisation goals using a unique, whole-person approach that incorporates a range of healing arts to get you to a place of wellness, self-love, and internal & external fulfilment.

This is the art of living.

Ready to transform your life?

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Are you ready to bring meaningful, long-lasting change into your life?

You’re here because something is missing. You want to be healthier or happier or more fulfilled or more abundant, or all of the above. And, like the world’s most successful athletes, CEOs and thought-leaders – you understand the value of having a coach.

There are tons of great coaches out there, but what I offer is unique. Based on my own remission from a debilitating illness that prevented me from walking, talking or even feeding myself, I’ve spent over 2 decades in intensive self-study.

During this process I learnt the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learnt: that the only way to reach complete holistic alignment (long-lasting health & happiness) is by incorporating all aspects of self – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual – into one process: a complete integrative approach to “life” coaching.

Head to “Offerings” to hear about my courses, programs and memberships to help you get started (or continue!) on your journey of conscious evolution. I’m so glad you’re here!

Reconditioned with Lauren Vaknine is the podcast that opens up a discussion on all aspects of health and growth.

We look at ways we can recondition ourselves back to wellness through integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of ourselves.

Tune in to hear me alongside guests such as Jay Shetty, Jasmine Hemsley, Gabby Bernstein, Bruce Lipton and more, as well as my popular RISE life coaching episodes.

You Want to Live a Healthier, Happier Life

As a certified, London-based life, health, transformation and mindset coach, as well as being a nutritionist, long-term wellness educator and health writer, Master NLP practitioner (neurolinguistic programming), EFT practitioner (emotional freedom technique), energy worker, spiritual healer and meditation teacher with over 15 years’ experience, I’m well-equipped to provide you with everything you need to become the healthy, happy and fulfilled person you dream of becoming. 

Using my signature integrative life coaching program – The Recondition Your Life Academy – I will help you pinpoint and reprogram the subconscious limiting beliefs that are preventing you from stepping into your power and becoming your greatest self. Whether it’s career stagnation, relationships, chronic pain, food attachments, body image issues or any other unwanted behaviours, my unique formula can give you the tools to step into your purpose and be truly happy. 


Abby from Hertfordshire

Lauren’s coaching framework has transformed my life in ways I wasn’t even able to conceive of before working with her. It took me from being in a state of “not unhappy” to realising my full potential. I now understand why I was following the same unhealthy patterns, have been able to break those patterns and move into a state of self-acceptance and true happiness, and am now genuinely living the sort of life I thought only happened for other people.

Abby, 34

Claire from London

Lauren has really been an angel on my shoulder these past few years. She began by advising me on organic vs non-organic to help me make an informed choice on the food we were consuming and how to further better our health and boost our immune systems. Lauren also opened my eyes even further to the healing power of nature in all aspects surrounding child health.

When my mother’s cancer reared its head again, her prognosis was not good. It was the world Lauren introduced me to and the knowledge she had, both physical health-related but also in the life coaching sense, that ensured I felt there was a way forward that didn’t involve harsh treatments we didn’t feel comfortable with. I was then able to encourage my mother with confidence, and am now pleased to say she is almost fully recovered. For this, thank you will never be enough.

Lauren’s coaching and support was truly invaluable. Now at a crossroads with my own career, again Lauren has been there to gently encourage me and help steer me in the right direction to empower me to make the right choices and decisions for myself.

I strongly believe that we need to have a holistic approach in all aspects of our lives in order to gain the most out of life. We are what we eat and we reap what we sow. Lauren is able to help identify and make adjustments to enable us to make more conscious decisions in how we live our lives.


Claire, 39

Faye from London

I personally cannot thank Lauren enough for all she has done, not just for me but for my entire family. Lauren is one of the most magnetic human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. She helped heal my daughter from a severe vaccine injury and her education on holistic living has changed the way my entire family live and we are all healthier for it.

Not only that, but for me personally Lauren has inspired and guided me on a journey of self-discovery through her amazing passion and insights into self-growth and stepping into your purpose.

She is my real life fairy godmother who elevates anyone who is around her, and who emulates positivity. I hold her in the highest regards and am so grateful that I found her.


Faye, 45

Featured Recipes

Here are all the recipes you need to maintain a healthy, balanced, and chemical-free lifestyle for you and your family. The Baby page is new and I’m slowly building it up since starting to wean my baby, and I have also added old recipes to it, ones that I think will be good for babies and kids regardless of whether they were made specifically for them or not. 

“Wellness is not merely the absence of illness. It is the state of complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.” – Lauren Vaknine