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Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Lauren and I’m a health writer, holistic wellness coach and speaker, and at 23 months old, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

My articles, talks, podcast and recipes are all available for free on this blog and you can read more about my story here. Thank you for visiting!

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Quarantine Hasn’t Changed Me, It’s Just Shown Me Who I Really Am As A Mother

By Lauren Vaknine When lockdown began, I’d wanted to write an article about how parents with young children would be …
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Have you ever known a time of such divergent opinions? In his book, Limitless, brain coach Jim Kwik talks about …
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When You’re A Nutritionist & Health Food Blogger… And Your Son Gets Diagnosed With Malnutrition

There’s a reason I lost my shit the last time (because this has happened many times) a well-meaning fellow mum …
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“Wellness is not merely the absence of illness. It is the state of complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

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  • by laurenvaknine 1 month ago
    I tried to get her on the boob for the pic; she was like “nah mum, leave me out of
  • by laurenvaknine 3 weeks ago
    If you have ever had a health condition, you’ll understand how true this is. Perhaps health conditions are there to
  • by laurenvaknine 2 weeks ago
     @therealdebramessing  said something that profoundly resonated with me on  @jayshetty  podcast recently. She said that if you are an activist,
  • by laurenvaknine 2 weeks ago
    Well I can’t think of a time where my flu-busting elderberry gummies were more needed! If your kids are getting
  • by laurenvaknine 1 week ago
    What are our options? Wear masks forever? Trust that hand sanitisers will fix the problem? Or that an untested and
  • by laurenvaknine 1 week ago
    Nearly a week late but yesterday I finally got my copy of  @jayshetty  ‘s incredible book, Think Like A Monk
  • by laurenvaknine 7 days ago
    Shana tova to everyone celebrating. We’ve had a beautiful few days with family and friends. My intention for the coming
  • by laurenvaknine 5 days ago
    No matter how many operations, treatments or physical evidence is carried over from a chronic illness, it’s the invisible scars

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