What Are Vapes Doing to Us?

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, ever since I’ve been seeing parents mindlessly sharing vapes with their teenagers.

I, for one, would have been shocked to see a parent doing this with a cigarette when I was growing up, so I’m wondering what it is that is making people believe that vapes are any healthier?

History plays out, over and over again, and watching people walk around as attached to their vapes as they are their phones, is quite worrying – from an observer perspective. Because it is reminiscent of how people were with cigarettes for the many decades before they believed they would harm us.

Surely we’ve learnt from the past?

Surely it’s easy enough to know, when you breathe that stuff in, that it can’t possibly be doing any good?

So, what are vapes doing to us? From my research, here’s what I found…

  • They coat the lungs in harmful chemicals that can eventually lead to cancers, disrupt lung function and in the shorter term, cause bronchiolitis
  • The chemicals in vapes actually reduce cognitive function in how they impact the brain (reducing our intelligence and cognitive capacity)
  • The flavours they use have some of the same chemicals found in exhaust fumes
  • There is talk that it will impact fertility for both males and females

There will be other stuff we simply don’t know about yet.

Yes, we don’t have 20-30 year studies on vapes yet, but I personally don’t feel I need to be waiting for the same pattern to play out that happened with cigarettes. I don’t take risks on things because “the science hasn’t been proven yet” – my intuition already knows.

I’m not here to cite a bunch of scientific studies, but there is plenty information out there. By all means, go do your own research.

And if this has encouraged you to lay off the vape, I salute you.

Lastly, if you do decide you’re going to continue despite knowing the risks, please don’t do it around your kids or teens, and especially not when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

All our actions have implications.


With love & gratitude,


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