I have the biggest backlog of recipes waiting to go on the blog but this turned out so unbelievably amazing that I had to share it with you! I’m a nut butter fanatic at the best of times but this has now trumped peanut and almond butter. It is so creamy and sweet and wow – just delicious! We finished one jar of it within 2 days and this is the second jar. Requests are coming in from the family now to make more for everyone. You seriously have to make this and spread it on anything – or just eat it off the spoon, whatever, just make it! Oh, and it’s really high in protein so great for spreading on toast for the kids. I actually spread a bit of it on Braxton’s porridge bars for him.

I used to love my Vitamix more than anything but after a while I realised I needed a good food processor as well as a high-speed blender and, luckily for me, Santa brought me an amazing Magimix 5200 this Christmas! The first thing I did was make cashew butter 🙂 Either way you will need a high-powered blender or processor. I’ve made it in the Vitamix and Magimix and found the Magimix to work better.

This is so easy to make and only 2 ingredients – there’s just no need for store bought!


3 cups cashews
1 tbsp vanilla powder


Heat the oven to 180*. Put the cashews on a roasting tray and put in the oven for 10 minutes, until they go golden but not burnt – keep an eye on them.


Once they’re out the oven, put them in the food processor with the vanilla and turn the food processor on.

With some processors you need to scrape the sides down but with the Magimix I was able to just leave it and it did the job. Took 13 minutes so do remember it needs time and be patient. Even if you think it’s ready, give it a bit longer to get it really runny – it’s worth the wait!

Vanilla cashew butter 1

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