Ultimate Healthy Hot Chocolate

For me there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more satisfying than a hot chocolate in the winter. Even more so when I’m on my period.

I believe that part of the reason we crave comfort foods and cosiness when we’re on our periods is because it is a way for us to care for ourselves, which we most certainly deserve when we are bleeding for an extended period of time.

Yesterday’s gloomy weather, coupled with my menstruation, made it a perfect time for a hot chocolate and hot water bottle. Granted I still had to work, but at least I sat in my office in a tracksuit and felt cosy!

This hot chocolate is so easy to make and I promise you, it genuinely does taste as good it’s unhealthier counterpart. It’s rich, creamy and indulgent, all without the added nasties and guilt.

In fact, not only is this hot chocolate guilt-free, drinking this will also offer you a heap of health benefits. The benefits of cacao alone are:

🍫40 times the anti-oxidant power of blueberries. Chocolate that fights colds and boosts immune system? Yes please!
🍫Highest plant-based source of iron. Vegans take note! You get more iron from a cup of this than you do in a steak
🍫Full of magnesium for healthy heart and brain, and great if you have some aches and pains
🍫More calcium than cows milk. Why drink the breast milk of another species, a species that are tortured in order to provide us with their own breast milk, when you can get all your calcium from plant-based chocolate?!
🍫Natural mood booster and anti-depressant. Perfect for that time of the month!

You can add anything you like to it, but I kept this one simple and added just a bit of maca, a known hormone balancer. I also add essential oils such as Wild Orange or Lavender depending on my mood.

Next week I’ll put up the recipe for Daniel’s favourite ayurvedic hot chocolate.


1 mug-full almond (or any other plant-based) milk
2.5 tsp raw cacao powder
1 tsp homemade cashew butter (or any other nut butter – I find cashew to be the creamiest)
1 medjool date
Drizzle of agave or maple (optional, depends how sweet you like it)
1/2 tsp maca powder (optional, just adds even more health benefits)
1/4 tsp vanilla powder (again, optional!)
2 drops doTERRA wild orange essential oil (optional – it’s just how I like it – who doesn’t love chocolate orange!?)


I find the best way to get this super frothy and creamy is to add all the ingredients (except for the essential oils) to a blender first, give it a good whizz, then put it in a saucepan and heat gently until hot but not boiling, stirring often.

At the very end add the essential oils if using and mix, then pour into your mug, sit back, and enjoy the ultimate masterclass in guilt-free indulgence and self-care.

Love & health,

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