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Say Hi to Shampoo Bars

Have you heard of Shampoo bars yet? I know it might sound a bit strange in the first place. How could a solid bar wash your hair as good as traditional shampoo, right? Well shampoo bars have been used since the Second World War and luckily, they are coming back! An increasing number of conscious brands now highlight their benefits. Read this article to know why you switch to shampoo bars ASAP!

What are Shampoo Bars?

Shampoo bars are a solid type of shampoo. They are the best natural alternative to regular shampoo. Indeed, they clean your scalp and you hair as well as their counterparts without the toxic consequences.

The benefit of solid shampoo 

  1. They are cost effective

If you use soap bars to wash your hands or/and your body, you will understand straight away. They last so much longer than shower gel! Same goes for shampoo bars. As it takes more time and effort to get the foam, you don’t over use it, as you will with a pump, so you save money!

  1. They are perfect for traveling

You don’t need to worry about the liquid restrictions when you board on a plane. Shampoo bars are so much better than your travel size shampoo for 2 reasons. First, travel sizes are all but ecofriendly, then they never last more than a week.

  1. Avoid plastic packaging

Solid shampoo often comes with fabric and recycled paper packaging. That is definitely a more sustainable option.

  1. They are free of chemicals and perfume

Most solid shampoos are made with natural ingredients and are SLS, parabens and detergents free. These chemicals are known to strip your hair’s natural moisture, which often leave your hair feeling dull and dry.

Instead, they use jojoba, coconut and essential oils to moisturise your hair and to make you smell divine without irritating your scalp.

  1. You can use them for everything!

Made with natural ingredients, you can use them for your face and body too!


Where to get yours?

As I said, more and more stores now sell shampoo bars. You should start browsing Attitude Organic marketplace! There you can find a various range of solid shampoo, body soaps and face soaps for all skin types.

I also recommend The Wild Sage and co one.

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