In order to provide this community with more in-person access and guidance for your conscious evolution, I have created:


For only £35 a month you will be a member of a sacred community of like-minded women with access to:

If you’ve ever felt that right now, you don’t need a load of online lessons or teachings, you don’t need another book or podcast, but what you need is personal access to an expert in the field of life optimisation to just be able to share a challenge, a problem or even a win and say “Tell me what to do!”, as well as the accountability to make it happen and the community support you on your conscious evolution, then this membership is exactly what you need.


For the price of one takeaway a month, or those extra coffees you buy that you don’t need, you could be optimising your life, stepping more deeply into your purpose, building community with like-minded women, and have 121 access to a master holistic life coach … all for £35!


PLUS, every few months I’ll be offering a Health Optimisation call where you can ask me anything about health, so you also feel guided and supported in your wellness journey – where else could you get all of this for less than you spend on Amazon each month?!

AND, if you join the membership now, you’ll be price locked at £35, so even when the price goes up, you’ll never pay more.

You don’t need to have been a previous member of the Recondition Your Life Academy, or any of my events, this is for everyone who is ready to take their conscious evolution to the next level.