Honouring & Connecting with Emotions eBook


Emotions have their own energetic frequencies and for that reason, potentially hold more power in how they affect our bodies than what we do for our physical health. We cannot discount the importance of unearthing and releasing repressed emotions as a way of preventing illness – as well as moving into a state of positive mental health – and the most effective way to do this is through honouring your emotions.

If you discount your pain, hide it, bury it or avoid it, you only increase it. To be able to heal, you have to feel first. Emotional Intelligence expert Sean Grover calls this Passing through the doorway of grief. Our emotional wounds strike to the very core of us and if we’re to stay connected to that core, it’s imperative we allow ourselves to feel our pain. We have to give ourselves permission to grieve and express our feelings, without judging ourselves for them.


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