A Mindset & Brain Training Approach to Chronic Pain eBook


Pain is not a purely physical experience, as it was once believed to be. Today, scientists view pain through what’s called a “biopsychosocial” lens. If you look in the journal of
pain, you’ll see that this is a perspective where pain is viewed as “a multidimensional, dynamic interaction among physiological, psychological and social factors that reciprocally influence each other.”

Pain isn’t necessarily processed in the location of the body where you feel it, it’s processed in the brain and the nervous system. The pain response doesn’t come from the tissue itself, but from the nervous system. Pain is a unique thing based on our own experiences of it, and it can change over time through our thoughts, fears and feelings. We have to reprogram it based on the ideas we’ve given it, from previous patterns following pain, to change the way the receptors react to our thoughts and therefore release pain.


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