Brizi – A New Device That Will Protect Babies From Air Pollution

As most of my readers will know, my main goal in terms of health for my family is to limit our exposure to toxicity. We do this through the right foods, healthcare products, toiletries, even down to the way we treat illnesses. Prevention of illness is our goal, and limited exposure to toxicity will, in my opinion, give our immune systems the chance to mature and thrive, something which is becoming all the more difficult in this day and age.

Pollution is at an all-time high, and for those living in urban environments, it affects us even more. So how does this affect our children? According to the WHO, around 1.7 million children die each year of respiratory problems caused by toxicity. This can of course be attributed to many factors, from smoke inhalation and pollution, to lack of sanitary water in developing countries, along with other toxicities in our modern lifestyles. But the point is that if there is anything we can do to reduce the amount of toxicity our children are exposed to, we should.

This is what Yosi Romano, from London, realised, after his first daughter was born. When we’re walking around with our babies in strollers, their faces are level with exhaust fumes. Mr Romano was concerned with how that would fare for their futures.

He researched the issue and felt it was a big enough problem to do something about, so he set about creating Brizi, a unique air filter system that clips onto a buggy to clean the air around your baby’s head.

How does Brizi work?

According to the Brizi website, it works like this: The fan blows in 1.5 liters of filtered air to a child’s breathing area every 10 seconds. This creates “a clean air barrier in the child’s breathing area, both delivering clean air and preventing polluted air from entering the breathing zone.” To stop polluted air from entering the breathing area, it uses medical-grade filters that absorb gases and block particles.

Brizi has other features that can help adults breathe cleaner air, too. The air filter contains high-tech sensors that detect harmful particles or gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, in the air. It sends this information to a free app via Bluetooth. When you call up the app on your phone, the data provided by Brizi users will show you which walking routes are more polluted than others so you can choose a clearer path.

The video on the Brizi website will give you a clearer idea of how it works.


Brizi is due to land in our shops in Summer 2018, and will cost £80. We already spend so much money on state-of-the-art buggies and travel systems for our babies, I can’t imagine people not wanting to add an extra £80 to that to ensure their babies are breathing in cleaner, less polluted air.

When we talk about conscious parenting, we have to incorporate that into every part of our children’s lives, from their emotional wellbeing, their physical health and the environment that surrounds them. It’s up to us all to make conscious, positive changes in the environment that we as humans have destroyed in such a short space of time. We can do this through recycling, reducing our use of plastics and reducing the amount of animal produce we consume, among other things, but however much we do that, pollution still exists and our children are the ones who are suffering. At least now there will be a product that will help that little bit. I know that it will be something I will be looking to invest in in the future.

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