10% Discount On Natural Birthing Company For Postpartum Mamas

I’m super excited to announce that I am now a mama ambassador for one of my absolute favourite companies when it comes to babies, motherhood and birth: The Natural Birthing Company.

When I was pregnant with Brax, I met one of the midwives who set up the company at the baby show and she told me all about these amazing, natural and vegan products they had created for postpartum mamas. The products are developed by midwives, which in itself says something about the company. I was sold and bought their Bosom Buddies kit and their Down Below perineal massage oil in preparation for my birth. They were both invaluable and I used each product endlessly. The Bosom Buddies kit comes with 3 different oils or tinctures to help with breastfeeding: for milk supply, sore nipples and engorged breasts, and the perineal oil was amazing for after pushing that baby out and tearing down below. I put it in my bath, used it to massage and put it on maternity pads.

They have now also developed Bottoms Up which I’m STOKED about because let’s be honest, one of the things that no one tells you about birth is how you feel like your ass is literally going to fall out after. I felt like I was walking with a baseball bat up my bum for about 2 weeks.

I loved the products so much that their kits actually became my go-to gifts for baby showers – it’s a perfect gift for an expecting mama.

This time round I’m already stocked up with these amazing goodies, all ready for baby number 2, and as a thank you, I’m offering all my lovely followers 10% discount. All you have to do is use the code lauren10 when you place your order with Natural Birthing Company! You can thank me later ;p

Love & health,

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