Ep. 20 – Why Protecting Our Microbiome Is Integral to the Survival of the

In this episode, we talk with the creator of the award-winning and game-changing documentary, Microbirth, about Lauren’s favourite subject – microbiome! We learn how and why moving away from our natural processes, we are destroying our microbiome. Increased rates in caesarean sections, lower breastfeeding rates, a steady increase in birth interventions and no skin-on-skin post-birth are all contributing factors in preventing the baby from accessing the mother’s essential microbiome – the bacteria that feeds the immune system in a process called seed and feed, a process that ensures the safe development of the child’s immune system. Overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products is also contributing to the destruction of our collective microbiome, leaving us at risk of pandemics, something predicted in this film in 2014, which we have now seen unfurl in the form of Covid-19.

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