My Top Tips for Protecting Your Family from EMFs

EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are a hard one when it comes to health optimisation, because we can’t see them, so how can we believe what they’re doing to us, or quantify any of the measures we use to reduce them?


Many of you reading this are well into your wellness journeys and understand that the levels of EMFs around us – from WiFi, 4/5G, screens etc – can be pretty harmful.


I’m also aware that many of you are new to this and the last thing I ever want to do is overwhelm you or bring any fear your way.


This is about EMPOWERMENT.


I dropped the overwhelm AND fear of “what the modern world is doing to us” a while back when it comes to keeping myself and my family healthy when I realised that:


  1. Fear only serves to lower my vibration, making me more susceptible to illness so I will do what I am physically and mentally able to, and put good energy on the rest
  2. I arm myself with so many tools at home to keep my family healthy that I feel empowered, because I’m taking responsibility for our wellbeing and making myself our primary healthcare provider


All this just to say, when I speak about EMFs, I hope that we can take in this info with the intention of allowing it to empower us, not put us in deeper fear.


For this reason I won’t go into what EMFs are and what they do on this email. I find this article from Wellness Mama a great resource for this, and this episode I recorded with R Blank recently is extremely informative too.


What I want to do here is empower you with options, so here are the things I personally do – at home and when out – to mitigate the EMFs I’m exposed to:


  1. Somavedic. The absolute most powerful tool I have at home is my Somavedic. Designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones, the Somavedic is a revolutionary device that drastically reduces free radicals in the body caused by EMFs in and around the home, leading to strengthened immunity, reduced cell ageing and improved cognitive function, as well as general improvement in long-term wellness based on how it allows the cells of the body to clean and rejuvenate as they should – something that is impossible with constant high level EMFs when we sleep. You plug it in (kitchen is a good place) and keep it there always and let it do its thang! It also restructures and brings back to life water, so we leave ours next to the glass jug we decant our water into. You can use the Somavedic in offices, studios etc. We actually have 2 at home; the Vedic as our general one (really this is all you need – they’ve updated it to work on 5G as well as 4G) and the Anthracite to help our son with his sensory neurological stuff (that one is outside his room). If you really wanted to go all out, The Amber is the strongest model and recommended for people with children with severe neurological issues, those healing from or susceptible to certain cancers or for large office spaces. Yes it’s an investment, but healing from dis-ease requires more of us (trust me!), so if you do nothing else, start with a Somavedic. You can get 10% discount by using code LAUREN10. This is the only discount over 5% on the internet so you really won’t find anything this powerful for less anywhere else!
  2. Turn off Wifi at night! I cannot stress this enough. One of the absolute most important factors in enabling us to be healthy in the short-term, reduce the chance of lifestyle factors triggering diseases we’re genetically predisposed to, and prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells, is the mitochondria in our cells being able to effectively repair and rejuvenate each night. This is what human bodies are intelligent enough to do when we sleep. However, with the advent of man-made EMFs (very new in the grand scheme of human life on earth), our bodies are struggling to repair anywhere near the amount they require in order to keep us healthy (our constant screen use that is messing with our circadian rhythms only adds to this). One of the best ways we can help our bodies to do this, is by turning off WiFi at night, so as not to interrupt the repair process. Aside from them being high in EMFs themselves so not a great option, smart meters prevent people from turning off WiFi. Speak to your alarm company (which is what we did) to enable a mechanism whereby your alarm can still work at night regardless of WiFi, and do anything else you need to do in order to make turning off WiFi at night possible for you. If not for yourselves, your kids’ health will thank you for it later on.
  3. Shungite, Magnetite & Black Tourmaline. Shungite is a powerful stone that naturally reduces the effects of EMFs, and magnetite does the same while protecting the pineal gland. Black tourmaline is a great one to put in every window sill in the home to help reduce the EMFs coming in from outside. I did have a great contact for Shungite bracelets and phone stickers, but he’s off grid right now. You can generally find these on Etsy – just make sure they’re genuine. Try and find shungite pyramids and shungite and magnetite bracelets. I buy all my pieces of magnetite, shungite and black tourmaline from Nicky at Hummingbird Crystals. She has the most beautiful crystals!
  4. EMF-Reducing Products. There are other products you can buy, such as phone pouches, laptop trays and much more, at Shield Your Body (above I linked in the episode I did with the founder, R Blank). Have a look here at the kind of products they sell, and you can use code LV10 for 10% off.
  5. Nature. Not much can beat the effects nature has on helping the body to repair and reducing our exposure to EMFs. Get out in nature every day; parks, woods, the beach, forests – wherever you can. Turn your phone off while you’re there so you don’t have the EMFs coming from your phone. And it goes without saying, reduce your use of high EMF products as much as you can.
  6. Awareness. Just being aware of your usage and exposure to high EMFs will subtly encourage you to reduce your exposure however you can. Awareness is key – in everything to do with your wellbeing!


I hope this helped resolve some of your EMF concerns and questions.

As always, if you want to take this work one step further, join my RISE Membership to be part of a global community of high vibrational women all there to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

With love & gratitude,


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