Flu-Busting Elderberry Gummies

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I really hate the term ‘flu season’. Flu is not a season! Influenza is a virus that, with an adequately supported immune system, will, at worst, leave us feeling pretty crappy for a few days, we may even experience a fever – heaven forbid! – but, assuming we don’t suppress it with fever-reducing medications and other toxic pharmaceuticals, we will be the proud owners of an even stronger immune system afterwards.

The best and most time-honoured way to treat the flu is with a lot of rest with access to fresh air through the windows, freshly made broths, lots of fluids, warm lemon and honey drinks, whole food vitamin c and other natural immune boosting goodies, such as elderberries.

At this time of year, lots of bugs start making their way around the place, especially around schools, meaning our children are susceptible to picking up a whole host of viruses. One of my concerns over the past few years specifically, is the mass vaccination in schools of the flu vaccine. Even if you opt out of this for your children, the vaccine sheds for 2-3 weeks, leaving even those who were unvaccinated open to catching this synthetic version of the virus.

In our house we have heaps of different supplements, superfoods and methods on our daily protocol, from homeopathy, essential oils and cranial osteopathy, to magnesium, whole food vitamin c, probiotics and daily superfood smoothies (and more!).

But as we head into the winter months, I try to arm myself with a top-up in immune-boosting goodies; among them, my Homemade Vitamin Gummies, which offer essential daily vitamins and minerals, and now also these Elderberry Gummies to add to the mix, making health and immune boosting more fun and exciting for our kids!

I’m sure looking at this you’re thinking, “Who the hell has time to make vitamin gummies??” And I get you, we’re busy mums! But honestly, they take no time at all to make, you just need the right ingredients.

If you happen to have elderberries growing near you, you can make your own syrup but if not, I love both the Pukka Elderberry Syrup and the Quicksilver Elderberry Syrup for their purity. It’s not cheap when using daily, but after attempting to make my own elderberry syrup from elderberries my friend foraged from her tree, I understand why it has to be expensive – it’s so labour intensive! So it’s worth every penny in my eyes!

You can also add magnesium powder for extra support and I recommend this brand.

You can give these to all family members (over the age of 1) daily to boost immunity, or every few hours for those with the flu.


1 cup elderberry syrup (homemade or bought, links in description above)
1/4 cup pasture-reared, organic beef gelatin powder
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp whole food vitamin c powder (I use Wild Nutrition) (optional)
1/2 cup hot water (not boiling)
Gummy bear (or any other shaped) silicone mould tray x 2
1 spoon magnesium powder (optional)


Lightly grease the moulds with some coconut oil first.

Pour half of the elderberry syrup into a glass measuring jug and quickly mix in the gelatin powder and vitamin c powder (if using).

Now add the hot water and stir quickly, then add the rest of the elderberry syrup and stir until completely smooth.

As quick as possible before the gelatin sets, pour into the moulds and put in the fridge for a couple of hours until completely set.

Release from moulds and store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

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