Dr Catherine Julia (CJ) Mort – Wellness Optimisation Coach

Catherine is the founder of GrassRoots Healing and part of the ATTA clinic team and has been researching natural health for the last 25 years as part of her own wellbeing journey. She is a PhD Chemist by training with additional HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) training by Dr Rick Malter, Lymphatic Training with Dr Perry Nicholson and a Root Cause Protocol (RCP) Consultant, coached by Morley Robbins in the first ever RCP training group. She is also an RCP training tutor/mentor for new RCP graduates.

Catherine had been given the typical labels hashimotos, pyroluria, Mitochondrial dysfunction, parasites, CFS, ME, MTHFR, adrenal fatigue, diabetes and mitochondrial dysfunction along her healing path and restored her health by bringing her body back into balance by supporting key minerals, addressing emotional blockages and understanding the ‘root’ of cellular energy production and fundamental blockages.

“I see myself primarily as a health educator and am passionate in helping others restore their chronic health conditions by looking at mind and body to achieve whole mineral balance. I love sharing all the knowledge and support tools that I have gained in my own journey. I have walked your path and have the upmost empathy and compassionate for those who feel lost and have ‘tried everything’. My ultimate aim is that people regain full control over their wellbeing, you are your own best healer, and it is a huge honour to help guide people to that point”

I use scientific tools such as hair mineral and blood testing in conjunction with a complete review of your health history and stress patterns to provide a simple protocol to optimise mitochondrial health and get you feeing your best again.

To find out more information on my Journey please check out the following videos.

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