Coconut Cream Ice Lollies

Coconut Cream Ice Lollies

Yay! The sun’s out again here in London☀️ which means these can come back out the freezer. Braxton just loves these creamy coconut fruit homemade ice lollies. I do sometimes feel bad that when the ice cream van goes by we’ll not be going out to greet it, but so far at 21 months old he hasn’t clocked yet! But anyway, I put the effort into making everything homemade so he doesn’t have to go without or feel deprived just because we are ‘healthy’. Friends have been over and had these with us and they said ‘why would we choose sugar and dairy and preservatives when we can have this’! And it inspired a few of them to make these themselves. I concur!


1 large tub or 2 small tubs Coyo or Rebel Kitchen coconut yoghurt
4 tbsp almond, coconut or cashew milk
Handful of chosen berries. We used strawberries here
1 tsp maple (only if you like it a bit sweet, if you’re happy with the fruit sweetening it then omit this)


Stick all the ingredients in a blender and pour into ice lolly moulds then freeze. It really is that simple!

Love & health,
Lauren 🍭🍧🍡

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