cranberry and peanut fudge cups

It’s all about peanut butter for me! Not only is it so tasty and indulgent, it is also a great source of plant protein so I tend to make a lot of snacks with natural organic peanut butter. You can make your own but for this recipe you really need a runny consistency so I like the Meridian peanut butter – works really well. See how you get on, these really are so delicious…


2 handfuls cranberries (also works great with goji berries)
Half cup natural organic peanut butter
4 tbsp coconut oil, melted
2 tbsp organic natural maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients other than the cranberries in a bowl until well combined.

Add empty muffin cases to a cupcake baking tray and sprinkle some cranberries at the bottom of each case then spoon in about 2 tbsp of the mixture on top.

Freeze for about an hour or until solid. I tried to keep them in the fridge but they went to soft so you should probably keep them in a container in the freezer once you’ve taken the cases off (that’s if you haven’t eaten them all straight away!)



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  1. caraannex

    This looks so simple to make.. but so healthy and yummy..!! Thanks for the recipe ! 😀 <3