Give me 12 weeks and I’ll give you a life you want to get out of bed for in the morning!

Ready to recondition your life from the inside out? Create the life of health, clarity & fulfillment that you dream of and live in your purpose every day.

When was the last time you felt aligned in your happiness, your health, how you feel about yourself, and your life goals?

Did you know that 89% of women between the ages of 28-50 do not feel aligned in all aspects of their lives, with the majority not feeling aligned in even one!

Are you in that camp?

If you are, I’m here to tell you IT’S POSSIBLE. You can have all of it.

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The Recondition Your Life Academy is a 12-week group coaching program that will get you to that place.
Living a life of happiness and health just got a whole lot easier with my proven Recondition Your Life program.
With results like these...
Recondition Your life Academy

i've been cancelled therapy. After 9 months of therapy, Lauren literally did it in 1 session. I can't recommend this course and Lauren's coaching enough, especially if you're going through a difficult time.

Rose, 99


Recondition Your life Academy

It took me from being in state of "not unhappy" to realising my full potential. I now understand why I was following the same unhealthy patterns, have been able to break those patterns and move into a state of self acceptance and true happiness, and am now genuinely living the sort of life I throught only happended for other people.

Abbe, 34


Recondition Your life Academy

12 weeks of transformational life coaching
with content I never even knew existed let alone that I needed. I went in expecting small changes and came out a completely different person. I learnt how to be happy and for that I'm forever grateful.

Beth, 34,


It’s no wonder clients are raving about the Recondition Your Life Academy
Happiness, fulfillment, self-acceptance, alignment … they don’t just come about because we hope that one day it will all fall into place.

Life is full of obstacles. Things get in our way that stop us doing the things we want to do, like find a dream career or get healthy or find a deeper connection to spirituality.

The Recondition Your Life Academy is the thing you’ve been waiting to fall on your lap; a course created with women like you in mind, to hold your hand while you make changes in your life that will see you go from EXISTING to LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, perhaps the one you can’t even picture yet.

This will be YOU taking responsibility for your health and happiness in the most effective, long-lasting and FUN way possible, with an expert in the fields of wellness, transformation and mindset to lead you along the way.

And the myth that it takes years of hard work and dedication and slog before you can achieve that?

It’s not true.

Health, happiness and clarity come by understanding a few simple key points and knowing how to implement them.

What if you had a guide – an expert in these fields – to teach you how to implement these key points into your life?

That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Recondition Your Life Academy.

Using a unique combination of wellness, mindset and transformation coaching, and alongside a sacred community of like-minded women, you will learn how to recondition your life and create the life of your dreams.
Within the Recondition Your Life Academy you will:
  • Learn the lifestyle fundamentals that will get you to a place of genuine health & wellbeing
  • Identify and reprogram limiting beliefs
  • Break old, ingrained habits by rewiring the neural pathways in your brain that keep them there
  • Heal your inner child
  • Step into a place of self-love and self-acceptance 
  • Get clarity on your goals
  • Find the courage and create a plan to reach those goals
  • Learn how to meditate to implement it into your daily life
  • Find a connection to spirituality 
  • Learn how to make the Law of Attraction work for you
  • Manifest into your life the like-minded people you always knew were out there
  • Take part in sacred rituals and ceremonies that will activate the Divine Feminine within you
  • Have a group of supportive, like-minded women support you on this journey
⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️
Other side effects to reconditioning your life may include...
Meet Your Authentic Self
With purpose-built exercises and guidance, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn who you are at your core, enabling you to finally step into your purpose
The Doable Way of Getting Healthy
You’ll learn the lifestyle fundamentals to keep you and your family healthy and how to action them in easy-to-implement steps
Loving Yourself
You’ve spent so long having an unhealthy relationship with yourself. You will be guided towards a place of self-love and self-acceptance
You need to live in a way that nourishes your body and nurtures your soul, and the Recondition Your Life Academy will offer you the tools to make this happen.
Don’t believe me yet?
Let me pull back the curtain and show you HOW and WHY it’s possible to reach these results with the Recondition Your Life Academy

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis before my second birthday. By 18, every joint in my body was affected, I was wheelchair-bound and on a chemotherapy drug that nearly killed me. I was so disabled that I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t feed myself, I couldn’t chew food, I couldn’t take myself to the toilet or even speak on the worst days.

But… I knew in my heart that I didn’t have to live like this, that there was another way. I knew that disability wasn’t going to be my story; remission was. I don’t know how I knew, but I just did – inner knowing leading me towards my purpose, I guess!

So I spent over a decade immersed in intensive self-study, learning everything there was to know about the human body and mind; what makes them work and not work. From nutrition to supplements, epigenetics to neuroplasticity, meditation to brain training, inner child healing to spiritual connection.

And it happened. I went into remission. Not at 20, or 21, or even 25. I was 29 when I went into remission; over a decade after I set out on my journey of self-discovery and 27 years after being diagnosed with a debilitating, degenerative, inflammatory autoimmune condition. It took work. It took perseverance. It took an inordinate amount of determination. And, to use Simon Sinek’s terminology, it took a very unshakable “Why”.

I am qualified in nutrition, life coaching, NLP, and EFT and also use spiritual healing and energy work in my coaching. This contrasting mix of modalities ensures that I achieve the same objective with my clients as I did with myself: healing the WHOLE HUMAN – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – to reach outcomes that for most people seem impossible.

I’m now a fully able-bodied businesswoman and mother of 2. I live every day healthy, happy and in my purpose and it’s my life’s passion to help you achieve the same
Clients I’ve worked with over the years have experienced radical, transformational changes in their lives. From finding their purpose, to healing disease, to finding the perfect partner (or having the courage to step away from the wrong one – often just as important), to stepping into their true authentic selves and smashing all their career goals. If you’re ready for this sort of transformational change in your life, you know where to click!
Let’s take a deeper dive into what the Recondition Your Life Academy actually is…

Once a week for 12 weeks (next course starting in January 2022) you will dedicate ninety minutes to the online group setting (and some extra personal time for weekly reflection exercises that I will be offering) where I will be leading a coaching session that has a different topic each week.

Each topic has been chosen and placed in the order it’s in for very specific reasons, and the content has been curated with precision to help you achieve the very best outcomes using a range of methods including (NB: these are not the modules or module names, but simply examples of the range of holistic healing arts included):

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Brain training
  • Neuro-linguistic
  • programming (NLP)
  • Life coaching
  • Emotional freedom the technique (EFT)
  • Psychophysiologic release
  • Journal techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Inner child healing
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Nutrition & health optimization
  • Divine Feminine healing
  • Cognitive Behavioural technique (CBT)
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Ancestral healing

You can ask questions during the session (it’s super interactive!), you’ll have email support during the week, and you’ll have 24-hour access to the private WhatsApp group set up for the purpose of you and your new tribe being able to support each other with questions, inspiration, and motivation during this time.

It should also be noted that this isn’t a course about “positivity”. Simply focusing on the positive would be emotional bypass. We tackle it all and delve deep, so that the positivity that arises out of you as a result of this work, is genuine and not a forced act of “false positivity”. You will get there, but let’s do the work first!

the end result?
After 12 weeks I’ll be introducing you to the new YOU. A woman who is healthy, vibrant, happy, sure of herself, has clarity on her goals, understands her purpose and LOVES HERSELF and the empowered life she is co-creating with The Universe
Check out some of the things previous clients have said
Here are just a few Aha moments you’ll experience in the Recondition Your Life Academy:
  • You’ll uncover limiting beliefs you never knew you held and how they’ve been holding you back
  • You’ll learn how to reprogram these limiting beliefs
  • You’ll untap what it is that you truly want from life
  • You’ll learn how living healthily doesn’t have to be daunting or challenging
  • You’ll learn that everything you thought you knew about the Law of Attraction was wrong, and now you understand it, you will begin to manifest amazing things into your life
  • You’ll acknowledge that you’ve never been kind to yourself and your body and now you’ll learn just how to do that
  • You’ll learn that meditation and connection to spirituality are not difficult things to achieve, and that they can impact your life in unimaginably beautiful ways
  • You’ll see that YOU – yes, YOU – can be healthy and happy and fulfilled and magnetic despite what life has always thrown at you

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action on living your very best life, you’ll also be gifted my Dreamstate Meditation bundle - 7 meditations that will help you work back through what we’ve already worked on, plus more, to ensure continued alignment even after we finish working together

And don’t forget, your WhatsApp group will stay active so you can cultivate those amazing bonds you would have made with your fellow Academy members. (I’ve seen lifelong friendships made from this place!)

Over 12 weeks you will get the following, all of which you can take away with you for life:

A note about investing in yourself: remember, you are not investing in one hour once a week, you are investing in your future; you are investing in the health and happiness of your entire life. You are not just investing in an hour of a coach’s time, but in the thousands of hours of training, knowledge and experience she has acquired over the years. Most importantly, you are, perhaps for the first time ever, standing up and saying:



You have questions

I have answers:

A: All sessions will be recorded and sent to each member of the Academy with all weekly reflection exercises so you won’t miss anything. However we do recommend you try to be present at all the sessions where possible, as this is where the best results happen.

A: Yes. I am a busy working mum of 2 and I created this so that women just like me can get healthy and happy and step into their purpose, regardless of how much time you have. Many of the things you will learn will include tools to help you work more efficiently to maximise the time you do have.

A: Refunds are not available, however I understand that extenuating circumstances exist. If you find yourself unavailable for the sessions, please contact us.

A: You will have unlimited email support with me, and unlimited access to the Facebook page for support with your fellow Academy sisters. Most members find this to be the most invaluable source of support.

A: This course is here to improve each aspect of your life so you can follow your dreams and reach your goals. It does not offer any sort of certification.
A: Sessions will take place in the evening to account for any women who work or have childcare duties. However if ALL women in the group agreed on a better time that worked for them, we can amend this. Remember, all sessions will be recorded so you don’t need to worry if you can’t attend all the sessions live!
A: Yes, we have payment plans. Please contact to organize this
A: The next course will start September 2022
A: The Recondition Your Life Academy runs 3 times a year. If you can’t make this one, please email to be put on the waiting list.
A: Unfortunately not. We set that price for the offer period only. However, if you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us as we never want to turn people away who need the support.
More questions?

For any other questions or support please email and we’ll be sure to help you as much as we can.

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